The pandeiro is the main instrument produced by SDI whom discovered it in 2000. Since then the crafter made a point to create light and original products. Each instrument is unique in all aspects. Natural or decorated, all our pandeiro are handmade and the material locally sourced. We craft three main categories of instruments:

> Natural: Simple without any particular decoration and 5 pair of jingles. The sound is clear, the jingles have space to breeze and express themselves.

> Maneiro: Decorated with a more complex sound. The skin is selected for vibrant sound and the jingles sound is richer as well as more compact.

> Especial: From noble wood or elaborated design, those pandeiro are made for those who appreciate complex design, beautiful wood and warm sound.


  • Diameter: 10″
  • Height: 4.4 cm > 4.7cm
  • Head: Thin / Medium goat skin
  • Frame: Red cedar / Accacia wood essence
  • Platinelas: 5 / 6 pair of pressed or hand hammered Brass
  • Rim: Stainless steel
  • Handle: Leather
  • Finishing: Lacquer / Woodcoat / Natural polish
  • Approximate weight: 390 grms > 430 grms


  • Carry bag
  • Tuning key


60 € > 100 €


Contact us to get pictures of the instruments on stock and order:


> The skin will hydrate itself naturally every time the instrument is played and doesn’t need any specific care.
Nevertheless, if you want to nourish it, lightly hydrate your hands with a moisturizer, the skin of the drum will naturally absorb what it needs.

> If you travel or do not use the instrument regularly loosen the skin to prevent any damage.


Skin drums need to be tuned so that tension on the skin is evenly spread across its surface.
Two techniques exist. For both you will have to slightly adjust each screw and each time check the tuning as well as the tension on the skin. The crossed method is usually preferred.